Friday, May 27, 2011

Overwhelmingly exciting walks.

Today I want to talk to you guys about something really really amazing: daily walks with my foster brothers, foster mom and foster dad. You would think that, after I was homeless and found wandering the streets for some undetermined period of time, I would be totally sick of walking around, especially in the same big circle every day, but man oh man, this "going for walks" thing is OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING!

Every time I see my foster mom and dad get our special walking outfits* from the bowl near the front door I totally completely lose my mind with happiness. I asked my foster mom and dad to take a video of us getting ready so you guys could see how awesome it is, but my foster mom said the noises I make to tell them how excited I am are "appalling", "embarrassing" and "eardrum burstingly horrible", so instead of taking a video, she makes me quietly sit and wait while they get Rollie and Opus ready, and I can't go out until I stop screaming. (I guess it is supposed to make me a better dog or something. WHATever.)

When we're on walks, sometimes we walk together as a pack:

And sometimes we walk separately. Especially if Rollie and I are feeling a little peckish because we're older and get tired quicker:

And when we go to big intersections, we have to "sit" and "wait" for the light to change:

Usually my foster mom makes me walk right next to her, with me on the right and Rollie on the left, but sometimes she lets me and Rollie sniff around a little bit in front of her. And sometimes, if the sidewalk gets real skinny, we walk right next to each other. We're almost the same size!

If we don't go for a walk every morning, I sometimes overhear my foster mom say "the boys are making me crazy", or "the boys are acting like lunatics" or "Rollie ate the remote again" to my foster dad so I know if we don't get a walk in the morning, we definitely get one at night because it makes us much better dogs. Also, if we don't, Opus just asks Rollie to eat something weird or I chase the cats around the house a few times to remind my foster mom and dad that we have too much energy that we don't know what to do with. That usually gets their attention real quick!

I'm really excited for our walk tomorrow. There is a tree that I especially love at the corner of Vaux and Warden so I like to make sure to pee on it every day so everyone else knows its mine.
*My foster brother Rollie wears a regular harness because he doesn't pull but he has a really tiny head (No, it is NOT because he is fat. his head is just really small. I swear). so all his collars slip off his furry neck, and my foster brother Opus wears a special easy walk harness like me!

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