About ME!!

My name is Rufus (aka the Naked Mole Rat). I am a five to eight-ish (but who's counting?!?) year old pit bull mix. I was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia bleeding, emaciated (the people say I was 33 lbs, a mere 60% of my desired body weight), and missing all of the fur on my ears, tail, back and stomach. The people who found me brought me to the local city shelter where some nice people who work and volunteer there took care of me. They gave me special feedings so I would gain weight and special medicine so my skin would get better.

The shelter has a foster care program, where people take homeless dogs like me to live with them so they don't have to wait in the shelter to find their forever home. The shelter where I came from is always really full because a lot of people bring their animals there or lose their animals and never look for them. I was one of the lucky ones, and some really nice people (if I do say so myself) took me into foster care on April 27th. Since being in foster care, I have taken medicine to fix the cold I had, and other medicine to make my skin better and they even ran a few tests to make sure all of my insides were working. (They are!) I eat the tastiest stuff and get to do a ton of really amazing things, and they are also teaching me how to be a really good dog. Since life is so amazing and I do all this amazing stuff, I thought I would share all the stuff with you so you could read about how awesome it is to be me.

Once I gain a little more weight and (gasp!) get neutered, my foster family says they are going to find me a "forever" home where I can live the rest of my years as a happy and healthy boy and get all the love and attention I deserve. While this makes me and my foster parents a little sad, we know it is for the best, because whoever adopts me is going to be really really awesome and I am going to do everything I can to make their life amazing because I am going to be so grateful that they wanted to love me forever.